green mark certification

Sunseap Solutions’ Green Mark Certification

sunseap solutions are known for providing BCA green consultancy. and have won several top awards, including Asia’s green future award and Singapore environment achievement award in 2017. We provide clean energy solutions like solar energy in Singapore.

Key factors of green mark certification

  • Building performance

creates a comfortable and healthy environment in residential and commercial properties.

  • Lower operating costs.

It saves energy in working on the improvement area.

  • Enhancing building

Various features enhance building attractiveness.

  • Legislation compliance

Achieve minimum green mark standard by government.

  • Energy audit

An energy audit allows us to analyze, identify, and work on improvement areas through energy improvement methods. Energy audits range from full-scale audits to equipment-specific audits like chiller plants.

An energy audit helps us to understand the existing environmental conditions surrounding the building and then deciding on utilizing energy and saving energy. An overall energy audit helps you to improve efficiency for a higher return.

Green Mark certification and consultancy

The schemes of Green Mark consultancy were launched by the construction authorities of Singapore in 2005. It is a rating system for green buildings. Through it, the building’s environmental impact and performance can be evaluated.

What are the benefits of green mark certification?

  • Getting the green mark certification ensures that you meet all the common green standards in construction and residential work.
  • It also indicates that you have utilized energy and reduced the bad impact on the environment.
  • The benefits of green mark certification are climate responsive design, energy utilization, great efficiency, and the positive use of technology.
  • Building owners, developers, government agencies, districts, and parks can do the green mark certifications in Singapore.

The main aim of green mark certification is to make the construction industry aware of the bad effect on the environment and make them use an environment-friendly approach that does not harm the environment.

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